• He sets the bar exceptionally high, creating elegant and intuitive user interfaces with clean, accessible code that captivate and engage

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    Ali Moussa
    Adobe Solutions Director
    Quarter Headshot of Ali in front of a light blue backdrop, Ali is wearing a blue and white plaid button up shirt, has short black hair and a trim beard, and is smiling towards the camera.
  • Clients and internal teams alike loved Steve; he's an excellent communicator with a keen eye for opportunities to optimize and an unwavering dedication to getting things done.

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    Catrina Ahlbach
    Chief of Staff, Technology
    Half body shot of Catrina wearing blue jeans, a black mesh tee over a navy blue tank top, black rimmed glasses, and long dark brown hair pulled back. Catrina is positioned slightly to the right in front of a solid teal background, smiling directly at the camera with head tilted and hands lightly clasped in front.
  • he brought forth great ideas about integrating design thinking into the FED process from the start

    more of this testimonial from Ericka
    Ericka Seastrand O'Connor
    Lead Designer
    Quarter Headshot of Ericka in front of a light purple backdrop, wearing an intricately printed top and gold necklace, and smiling towards the camera with her hand in her long blondish brown hair behind her head.
  • Steve consistently demonstrates his commitment to excellence, sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise, especially in accessibility

    more of this testimonial from Michaela
    Michaela McKanna
    Software Developer
    Quarter headshot of Michaela standing in front of some green evergreen trees, wearing a white dress, shoulder length hair, and smiling at the camera.
  • ability to create and implement robust, reusable design systems that not only enhanced the overall user experience but also streamlined the development process

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    Rajwinderpal Kaur
    Full-stack Developer
    Slightly tilted perspective quarter headshot of Rajwinderpal, wearing a black sweater, long brown hair, head tilted to the right, smiling towards the camera.
  • Steve's thought leadership, critical eye, and expertise led to a website that exceeded expectations on all fronts.

    more of this testimonial from Kirsten
    Kirsten Alford-Osborne
    VP Marketing @ Augeo
    Quarter headshot taken outdoors with an unfocused background of brown and red foliage. Kirsten is wearing a blue blazer, white blouse, necklace, and large gold hoop earrings. With long curly blone hair, Kirsten is looking straight at the camera with head slightly tilted to the left and smiling.
  • His quick mind and critical eye would be an asset to any project or team, and his delightful sense of humor makes working with him a real pleasure

    more of this testimonial from Ben
    Ben Hulan
    Lead Architect
    Quarter headshot of Ben, wearing a navy blue collared polka dotted shirt, brown hair and full beard, and smiling towards the camera.
  • His technical ability is vast and deep. He cares about QUALITY user experiences for ALL users

    more of this testimonial from Miguel
    Miguel Caballero
    Associate Principal Developer
    Qaurter headshot of Miguel in front of a grey backdrop, wearing a light blue button up collared shirt, brown hair parted on the side and combed back and a full brown beard, smiling towards the camera.
  • one of the best developers I've worked with - not just for his problem solving and attention to detail, but for his collaboration and true ownership over everything he touches

    more of this testimonial from Sarah
    Sarah Scalia
    Digital Product Manager
    Quarter Headshot of Sarah with a white backdrop, Sarah is wearing a silver necklace and burgundy top, with long straight brown hair and smiling towards the camera.
  • He knows his technology and always seeks to understand why functionality is needed, not just what technology is needed, to provide the right solution.

    more of this testimonial from Sadia
    Sadia Rodriguez
    Lead Digital Accessibility Analyst
    Quarter headshot of Sadia, wearing a dark shirt with light polka dots and horn rimmed glasses, long black hair parted down the middle, and smiling towards the camera.
  • He obviously has immense knowledge about the topic, which he was willing to share with the team every time we had a question

    more of this testimonial from Amy
    Amy Willis
    Director of User Experience
    Quarter headshot of Amy, wearing a red v-neck shirt and a similar shade of lipstick, long brown hair parted slightly off to one side, and smiling towards the camera.
  • I have worked with many developers over my career and you are top notch and pleasure to work with.

    more of this testimonial from Dan
    Dan Deiure
    Lead Systems Architect @ Augeo
    Well lit black and white quarter headshot of Dan with a white background. Dan is wearing a dark collared button shirt, cropped tousled spiked hair and a full smile while looking straight and into the camera.
  • he has been one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with

    more of this testimonial from Ajay
    Ajay Khanna
    Project Manager
    Half body shot of Ajay in a collared greyscale shirt, arms crossed, and smiling towards the camera standing in front of a light blue backdrop.