Testimonial from Michaela McKanna

Steve is an invaluable asset to any team, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in programming and problem-solving. His drive for knowledge equips him to handle any technical challenges. Working under Steve's leadership has been a privilege, as he strikes the perfect balance between providing autonomy and being accessible for guidance.

One of Steve's notable qualities is his meticulous feedback and comprehensive explanations, fostering continuous learning and growth within the team. He empowers each team member to excel in their roles. Steve's positive demeanor and sense of humor create a harmonious team dynamic, enhancing client relationships. He skillfully defuses delicate situations, showcasing finesse and skill.

Steve consistently demonstrates his commitment to excellence, sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise, especially in accessible (A11y) development. His dedication to inclusivity is evident in considering diverse users and accommodating those who rely on assistive technologies or have specific needs. Prioritizing accessibility, Steve embodies his passion for creating inclusive digital experiences.

Working with and being mentored by Steve has had a profound and enduring impact on me. I consider it a privilege to have had such an opportunity, and I sincerely hope that many others will have the chance to benefit from his guidance and mentorship.

Michaela McKanna
Software Developer
Quarter headshot of Michaela standing in front of some green evergreen trees, wearing a white dress, shoulder length hair, and smiling at the camera.