Testimonial from Miguel Caballero

Steven is probably one of the best coworkers and mentors I've had the pleasure of working with for almost 10 years.

Not only does he have a wonderful personality, he is very inclusive and respectful for all experience levels and practices. He takes time to listen and hear the team, advocates for the team successes, he responds well to any feedback, and is absolutely someone you'd want to be on your team.

His technical ability is vast and deep. He cares about QUALITY user experiences for ALL users. He not only has frontend experience in the major popular frameworks like Vue, but also has extensive PHP knowledge. I think what makes Steven unique is his true passion for accessible experiences. He has been an absolute rock for me in my development career helping me create user interfaces while thinking actively about accessibility.

Miguel Caballero
Associate Principal Developer
Qaurter headshot of Miguel in front of a grey backdrop, wearing a light blue button up collared shirt, brown hair parted on the side and combed back and a full brown beard, smiling towards the camera.