What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated September 2023

What am I working on?

Some of the highlights of what I've got going on lately


After 20+ years of living the agency life, I've ventured out on my own as an independent web development consultant this summer.

Right now I'm working on building up operations, a leads pipeline, and otherwise learning a ton about running my own business.

I've also been putting a whole lot of time into content marketing and making connections. If you're interested in connecting with me, you can find me on LinkedIn or you can book some time to chat, I'd love to hear more about what you have coming up! My earliest availability is currently Mid-October 2023.

Be Inclusive App

I've been building and supporting a SaaS accessibility audit tracking application called Be Inclusive for a few years.

I'm working on some bigger updates this summer, including the addition of the new/updated criteria from the upcoming WCAG 2.2 release

Open Source

Now that I'm freelancing, I'm also trying to make time for more open source contributions. Currently:

Where am I spending my free time?

When I disconnect from the computer, this is what I'm usually doing


I've been trying to get out for a good walk every day, some weeks are better than others. I've been practicing habit stacking and use my walk time to listen to audio books, helps with the motivation on days I'm not all that into it.



  • Have been keeping up fairly well with the Star Wars and Marvel series, lately been really enjoying Ahsoka as new episodes are released, and looking forward to the next Loki too!

  • I wasn't on the "The Good Place" bandwagon when it was airing live, but always had an interest in it. That was strengthened after I read the creator Michael Schur's book "How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question". So I've been working my way through this series too.

More About Me

Check out my About page for some more of my background and history.

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