Testimonial from Ali Moussa

I've had the pleasure of working with Steven for 8 remarkable years, witnessing his exceptional growth and contributions as we navigated the dynamic world of web consulting. Steven is a true front-end development guru. He sets the bar exceptionally high, creating elegant and intuitive user interfaces with clean, accessible code that captivate and engage. His commitment to web accessibility is truly commendable, advocating for inclusivity and ensuring that everyone can experience the digital world without barriers.

Beyond his technical brilliance, Steven's infectious enthusiasm and vibrant personality make every interaction a joy. Whether in person or on calls, his positive energy and ability to bring smiles to everyone's faces are truly remarkable. He effortlessly blends expertise with a delightful sense of humor, creating an uplifting and collaborative environment.

One standout achievement of Steven's is his innovation in creating a living style guide, providing an always up-to-date view of a client's brand, templates, and components alongside their website. This groundbreaking solution has not only enabled seamless collaboration among QA, Development, Design, and Authoring teams but has also set us apart from our competitors.

Steven is an exceptional talent, an inspiring leader, and a true joy to work with. Any team or project will benefit immensely from his technical expertise, passion for accessibility, and infectious personality.

Ali Moussa
Adobe Solutions Director
Quarter Headshot of Ali in front of a light blue backdrop, Ali is wearing a blue and white plaid button up shirt, has short black hair and a trim beard, and is smiling towards the camera.