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Hi! πŸ‘‹ I'm Steve

Headshot of Steve down to the shoulders, wearing a pink and purple plaid button shirt. He's got one finger on his cheek and is looking off into the distance with a smile.

I'm a CPACC certified Web Application Developer with over 20 years of industry experience creating clear, accessible, and straightforward digital products that put users first.

My background runs the spectrum from visually engaging promotions managing millions of entries to complex multi-tenant CMS integrations powering dozens of websites in multiple languages.

With a focus on accessibility, architecture, design systems, and performance, I'm dedicated to the pursuit of useful, usable, and delightful web experiences.

I don't fit your problem into a predefined technology and I don't sell products.
I provide custom solutions to your unique problems.

❓Why Hire Me

  1. Deep & Varied Experience

    Nearly all my two decades of experience is in a consultancy/agency setting where I was exposed to a wide variety of industry verticals, project sizes, tech stacks, and roles.

  2. UI Development

    Passionate about user experience, I agonize over fonts, spacing, and microinteractions right along with the design team. It's not done until we achieve that vision in an accessible, performant, and robust way.

  3. Application Development

    Well-versed in backend as well as back-of-the-frontend dev. I've built RESTful APIs in a serverless cloud as well as in PHP & MySQL, and have built several large scale projects in all three major JavaScript frameworks.

  4. Web Dev Isn't My Only Passion

    It's taken me years to stop hiding in the code and embrace the fact that it all starts and ends with people. The drumbeat that keeps me going is when communication, purpose, and goals are all clear.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» What I Do

UI Development

Web fundamentals like accessibility, responsive design, semantic markup, and performance are critical to a resilient product.

  1. Front-end Development
    I agonize over fonts, spacing, and microinteractions right along with the design team. It's not done until we achieve that vision in an accessible, performant, and robust way.
  2. Creative Development
    Microinteractions, data visualizations, state transitions, animations all can be key interactions to help strengthen your message, improve overall user experience, and introduce a bit of surprise and delight. From small CSS additions to a full canvas, I can make it happen.
  3. Design Systems
    I love building resilient, optimized, and performant Design Systems! I've had the pleasure of building one that helped launch 70 websites in 16 countries and 10 languages.

Application Development

Whether you're building something new, replatforming, or need updates to a legacy system, I have the experience to help.

  1. JavaScript Applications
    I've worked in all three major JavaScript frameworks among many others, whether it's a build from scratch or refactors to an existing codebase I've got you covered.
  2. Composable Applications
    Also known as "decoupled" or "headless", typically applications that pull content from several sources. I've built several websites that utilize composable architecture, let me help you determine if it's a right fit for your needs.
  3. CMS & Custom Development
    I've built with WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and countless others including extending core functionality with modules & plugins. I can work with what you have already, or suggest the perfect technology for your needs.



  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP & MySQL


  • Angular / React / Vue
  • 11ty / Nuxt / Storybook
  • Laravel / Wordpress


  • DB & API Architecture
  • Server & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Upgrades & Refactors
  • Time & Task Management

Trying to keep this tidy, listing deep multi-year experience only.
More available upon request.

πŸ† How I'm Different

Let's be honest, there's no shortage of web developers out there you can choose from. Here's how I'm different:

It all starts and ends with people

You and your users are my top priority, you deserve a partner that's invested in building an application that you can maintain and that your users enjoy. I want us both to be happy with the end result and excited about its future.

I'm here to work with you to find the best solution to your web development problems, a dedicated partner who can get it done right the first time.

I care about your needs and your time

  • I don't specialize in or have partnerships with single platforms, nor will I wedge your project into one if it's not the right fit
  • I'm not going to bog you down with meetings and process, every interaction is going to be meaningful and worthwhile
  • I'll be honest when it's not a good fit, if I can't deliver everything you need I'll tell you so and will try to help find someone who can

I've seen and done it all

I can work with what you already have. We can collaborate on a plan to improve, modernize, and expand on that foundation to fit your growing needs.

I can build something brand new. My discovery process, informed by my decades of experience, will find the best long-term fit for your goals.

🫢 Core Values

I want to work with you, not for you

I care about building and maintaining a sense of trust and transparency. Only with that mutual respect are we able to do the best work we possibly can together.

  • Trust - I ensure we're both comfortable with the deliverables and timeline before we begin. I commit to what I'll do and I do what I commit to and assume best intentions by default.
  • Transparency - I provide regular updates and early previews of my progress, no grand reveal here. I take a whole lot of notes that I share with you to ensure we're on the same page throughout.

I want to do great work

I've been practicing this craft for over 20 years and still have that drive to learn and make the Web better for everyone.

It's not easy building websites and web applications that are resilient, accessible, performant, and responsive. Let my experience help you deliver the best product possible.

I want to have a little fun in the process

I approach everything we do together with kindness, an open mind, and a sense of humor.

When it comes to web development, there's often a lot to stress about. I strive to not be one of them for you.

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Use this form to get in touch, I'd love to hear more about what you have coming up and how I can help bring it to life!

  • My aim is to respond within 72 hours.
  • My earliest availability is currently Summer 2023.
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