Hi! đź‘‹ I'm Steve

A freelance web developer that has a ton of fun building

  • accessible, performant, and future-proof marketing web sites that enhance your brand and improve customer engagement
  • custom web applications that streamline your processes and provide data-driven insights to help you scale your business

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Latest Blog Posts

Fluid Font Size by Character Count

Larger font sizes for shorter headlines, vanilla JavaScript for the character count calculations and CSS clamp for responsive sizing

Practical Developer Tips for Digital Accessibility Advocacy

Digital accessibility advocacy tips from a web developer’s perspective, all focusing on building accessibility support into our daily work.

Nuxt 2 to Astro 3 Replatforming – from Setup to Production

Notes from a replatform effort from Nuxt to Astro, including setup, struggles, migration, and finding solutions for search and sitemap.

Why Budgets are so Important for Software Development  Projects

Using a real estate analogy, I share why budget is a critical question that should be considered carefully when starting a new software dev project.

Web Components in Astro

How to use native web components inside an Astro project, with a few isolated examples and explanation of some issues I had to navigate.

Fighting Back Against Toxic Productivity

I have a sometimes unhealthy obsession with my todo list, here I share some intentional self awareness strategies I use to periodically recalibrate

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