Hi, I'm Steve

A CPACC certified web developer passionate about web accessibility, design systems, and user experience.

Lately, I've been focusing my attention on architecting, developing, and managing web applications at Bounteous and building a SaaS accessibility audit tracking application called Be Inclusive.

Photo of Steve pouring a french press full of coffee precariously into a mug and smiling

Blog Posts

How I Hacked My Brain to Let Myself Relax in the Evenings

A successful productivity experiment that has reduced my anxiety and lets me give myself permission to relax in the evenings.

Email Newsletters – My Emotional Response Spectrum and Organization Strategy

How I personally categorize newsletters, how that categorization has influenced how they’re organized, and how much attention they get as a result.

CloudFront Function for basic auth, redirect, and serving from S3

How to switch from Lambda@Edge to a single CloudFront function for serving static content from an AWS S3 bucket, with redirects and basic auth included!

Conserving Sentry Transactions by Ignoring Laravel Routes

Sentry limits transactions per month, this shows how to conserve them by ignoring specific Laravel PHP routes you don’t need to trace later.

Joining the IndieWeb with Webmentions and Microformats

A collection of resources that helped me get Webmentions set up on the blog posts for this site.

Adding a Table of Contents to dynamic content in 11ty

Code that introduces automated anchor links to headlines in Eleventy dynamic-loaded content. Improves accessibility and makes content sharing easier!

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