Testimonial from Catrina Ahlbach

Steven and I worked together in varying capacities for nearly 8 years and every project he touched was the better for it.

Steve's joy is absolutely contagious, making him one of my favorite people to talk to even when we were no longer on projects together. His commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for web standards and accessibility are unmatched. He seems capable of learning any front-end framework he encounters, setting a high standard. Steve is always willing to assist others, patiently providing mentorship and technical guidance to anyone who asks.

Clients and internal teams alike loved Steve: he's an excellent communicator with a keen eye for opportunities to optimize and an unwavering dedication to getting things done. He'd be an invaluable asset to any team or project!

Catrina Ahlbach
Chief of Staff, Technology
Half body shot of Catrina wearing blue jeans, a black mesh tee over a navy blue tank top, black rimmed glasses, and long dark brown hair pulled back. Catrina is positioned slightly to the right in front of a solid teal background, smiling directly at the camera with head tilted and hands lightly clasped in front.