Testimonial from Sadia Rodriguez

Steve is a delightful teammate. Seriously, if you can show me a kinder person on the planet than Steve, I will buy you a coffee. He knows his technology and always seeks to understand why functionality is needed, not just what technology is needed, to provide the right solution. He's unafraid to question assumptions and you can trust him to put all the good options on the table.

I can honestly say that Steve is the reason that my career has taken the direction it has, and I will be forever grateful. He inspired a ragtag group of people with varying levels of interest in Digital Accessibility to come together and create a vision not only for a more accessible world, but one in which Bounteous took an active role in making it more accessible. Thanks to Steve being a visionary dreamer, we have been able to roll out a training program and accessibility processes and policies that will reduce friction in the online lives of People with Disabilities around the globe.

Sadia Rodriguez
Lead Digital Accessibility Analyst
Quarter headshot of Sadia, wearing a dark shirt with light polka dots and horn rimmed glasses, long black hair parted down the middle, and smiling towards the camera.