Be Inclusive

About Be Inclusive #

Simple web accessibility audit tracking so you can get to work

Web accessibility audits – when done right – require a lot of manual work checking for potential issues that people with disabilities can encounter. There are many existing tools that help facilitate logging these observations but I found that they were all very complex and expensive. I built Be Inclusive for the freelancers and smaller agencies that are likely using a spreadsheet to manage audits. Be Inclusive features include:

  • Guided Setup - Prompting questions to start your projects quickly and predictably, utilizing the WCAG-EM methodology
  • Observation Logging - Track success criteria results and log new observations all in one easy interface
  • Comprehensive Results - Printable results page full of audit details, export and share options available
  • Project Dashboard - Manage your projects and keep track of audit stats all in one place
Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions, corrections, or takedown requests.