Hi! 👋 I'm Steve

A freelance web developer that has a ton of fun building

  • accessible, performant, and future-proof marketing web sites that enhance your brand and improve customer engagement
  • custom web applications that streamline your processes and provide data-driven insights to help you scale your business

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Latest Blog Posts

One of a Kind Business Cards

I wanted memorable and personal business cards to share. Here’s my process towards a unique experience that encourages further engagement.

Going Independent – Two Months In

The last freelance journey post, covering the past few weeks of progress including open source contributions, site updates, and a new project!

Eleventy Style Guide Generator – Step by Step guide adding to an existing site

Step by Step guide to adding the Eleventy Style Guide Generator to an existing site. Details on how to avoid needing WebC or Design Tokens included.

Pulling WordPress Post Categories & Tags Into Eleventy

Step by step guide to gathering post categories and tags from the WordPress REST API for better filtering and discoverability in an Eleventy blog.

Eleventy Style Guide Generator with WebC Component Support

The simplicity and speed of Eleventy with the organization of a self documenting design system. Style guide generator that incorporates design tokens, fluid typography, and WebC components.

Going Independent – Week Four & Five Check in

Weeks four and five freelance journey check in, touches on a contract opportunity I chose not to pursue, how I’m getting more organized, and other progress & plans.

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Bright Pink

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  • Steve consistently demonstrates his commitment to excellence, sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise, especially in accessibility

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    Michaela McKanna
    Software Developer
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  • He obviously has immense knowledge about the topic, which he was willing to share with the team every time we had a question

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    Amy Willis
    Director of User Experience
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