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One of a Kind Business Cards

I wanted memorable and personal business cards to share. Here’s my process towards a unique experience that encourages further engagement.

Going Independent – Two Months In

The last freelance journey post, covering the past few weeks of progress including open source contributions, site updates, and a new project!

Going Independent – Week Four & Five Check in

Weeks four and five freelance journey check in, touches on a contract opportunity I chose not to pursue, how I’m getting more organized, and other progress & plans.

Going Independent – Week Three Check in

Week three check in on my freelance web developer journey. Some more networking, my first big proposal rejection, and some coding progress for an 11ty style guide generator.

I Want To Be Known For… – Freelance Introspection

This is a follow up post from the “Ideal Client and Project”, continuing my introspective journey as I iterate on my various online presences that I’d roughly call my “personal brand”.

Going Independent – Week Two Check in

Week two check in on my journey towards going independent. Setting up more operations, networking for freelance web development projects, and took a couple days off.

The Ideal Client and Project – Freelance Introspection

There’s a surprising amount of introspection required when you decide to go freelance. One is to figure out “the ideal” client and project. Here’s my process so far.

Going Independent – Week One Check in

A week since I shared I’m going freelance, which was a week after being laid off. Keeping that weekly cadence for a bit as I continue to figure things out.

Steve Woodson – Independent Web Development Consultant

I’m manifesting a decade old dream and moving towards independent web development consulting. Here’s some reflection of the past week, and how I came to choose this exciting next adventure.