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Filtering and Sorting a Table with PHP

I had a friend ask me earlier this week if I knew of any resources that could point him in the right direction on how to create a PHP page of tabular data that had the ability to be both filtered and sorted. We both weren’t able to find anything suitably simplified so the underlying […]

PHP Functions – Part 2

Pad, Reduce, Chunk I lumped these three functions together because I doubt I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve used any of them. Though once you understand what they do there are several applications for them that would make development cleaner if not also just plain easier. Here they are in […]

PHP Functions – Part 1

I’ve been working with PHP for several years, dare I say a decade at this point, and I’m still surprised at functions I’ve never or rarely used. In an attempt to share in my delight of discovering these gems and hopefully enlighten others to some very helpful functions, I’m going to try to start a […]