is so 2008, is where it’s at!

After over 7 years of calling my internet home — in all its random incarnations over the years — I felt it was time for a change. A change spurred on by the fact that THE domain name I’ve been lusting over for years finally became available. After all, what self respecting web developer doesn’t have the dot com of their name? Well those unlucky schmoes (previously) like me that didn’t get when the gettin’s good. But all that changes for me now, my internet life can now officially begin!

While I haven’t changed the format much I think many that knew the old site will agree that there’s plenty more going on with the first incarnation of Including those groovy clouds floating by on the homepage and a brand new portfolio of selected projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. So go forth and explore my loyal visitors, and feel free to contact me with any comments/suggestions if you’re so inclined.

And perhaps if you’re looking close enough you’ll find some Easter eggs laying about here and there 🙂

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