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I Was Laid Off, Now What?

I was laid off, this post is where I share some of the research I had done, my reflections from the first few days, and an open invite to chat with others affected.

Intentional Attention – My Organization Strategy for Interesting Reads

With an ever growing list of interesting content and limited time to read it all, this is how I’ve been more intentional about how I organize and parse.

Email Newsletters – My Emotional Response Spectrum and Organization Strategy

How I personally categorize newsletters, how that categorization has influenced how they’re organized, and how much attention they get as a result.

Soft Skills: Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The term “Soft Skills” covers a broad spectrum of topics in interpersonal, communication, leadership, and personal skills. These are arguably the most important skills for your career, but by definition, they are also difficult to measure.

Avoiding Career Stagnation

As a web developer the potential for career stagnation – feeling stuck, idle, and lacking progression – is higher than average. With technology constantly being improved and reinvented it’s amazingly easy to find yourself falling behind. I’ve felt this way several times over the years, to the point where I’ve started to also notice what […]

Recharge & Release

I find that I go through productivity phases, generally the two I am most cognizant of are what I can loosely refer to as recharge and release. When recharging I feel I read a lot more than usual. I catch up on a backlog of articles I flagged, dig into books I had been meaning […]